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College of Information Technology and Management
International Admission: Bachelor

The department is geared to provide three-facet training, namely, practical skills for conducting international trade, capability of applying electronic facilities/cybernation system for business management purposes, and knowledge satisfying the standard of acquiring certificates in financial area. Accordingly, three module curriculums are so offered: (i) secretary practice for international trade, (ii) electronic business administration, and (iii) international/domestic financial theories and practice. In addition to the said module curriculums from which students may freely choose, the department requires all students to be equipped with certain level of (i) foreign language proficiency, i.e., English or Japanese and (ii) computer operation skills in view that the two elements constitute basic denominators for most jobs in the field of international businesses.
The department holds trade fair annually so that students may gain opportunity to have hands-on experience for international trade practice. Series of activities in the trade fair include exhibition of products, preparing trading documents, conducting international market survey and analysis, the decoration of showrooms and stage and etc. In the hall of the fair showrooms, students participate in dynamic shows to demonstrate their merchandise; with roles play as sales representatives and customers. Students engage in interactions/conversation for topics taking place in a trade fair just as real ones. Students utilize Power-Point and public speech to brief for merchandise and companies of their own in both English and Japanese. The department trains its students through simulated events and enables faculties realize what students have learned from classrooms; on the other hand, students may experience how business works so that they better feel the reality.
Furthermore, the department's International Business Center is opened to help graduate obtain opportunities of employment by updating labor market demand/supply information including vacancies and various firms' job requirements. More types of services will be further added for students through the center.
The department hopes its professional training offered may nurture most graduates with cachet meeting businesses' needs or capabilities pursuing their further advanced academic works.