College of Business Management, JUST ##.~.~~

College of Business Management, JUST ##.~.~~

On March 17th, in 2023, the College of Business Management of JUST held the finals of the 10th 2023 National High School and Vocational High School Special Topics Competition. The preliminary competition attracted outstanding students with high skills from all over the country. A total of 233 teams signed up to participate, and the judges selected 30 teams to participate in the final.

In this special topics competition, all schools performed very well. Among them, the top themes of the two categories are related to the development of local culture. For the first place in the business management category, students from Fuxing Business high school Data Processing Division won the first place honor with the theme of "Singing, singing, and dancing-beginning with tradition and being loyal to inheritance". The first place in other categories went to Luodong Vocational high school Tourism Department students with the theme of "Climate Willful Millet Resilience - Millet Culture Sustainable Tourism Life Proposal", combined with Atayal costumes and situational performances won the first place.

The theme of this thematic competition demonstrates the research ability and innovative spirit of the students, and also reflects the school's attention and renewal of educational content. The College of Business Management of JUST pays attention to the combination of theory and practice, and encourages students to learn and develop their talents in practical problems. These researches and discoveries are expected to bring valuable contributions to the future low-carbon society and economic development. Ultimately, these studies and discoveries are expected to bring valuable contributions to future low-carbon social and economic development. The 2023 senior high school and vocationalhigh school competition came to an end under the group photo of the students reluctantly. See you in 2024.



Administrative Unit: Secretary's Office
Date: 2023/03/18