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Dear friends, Welcome to "Jinwen University of Science and Technology" (hereinafter referred to as the Site), for your privacy, "Jinwen University of Science and Technology" absolutely respected and protected.
To help you understand, "Jinwen University of Science and Technology," how to collect, use and protect the personal information you provide, please read the Privacy Policy, "Jinwen University of Science and Technology," the (Privacy Policy).
The following will tell you, "Jinwen University of Science and Technology," the data collected, the use of methods, as well as our privacy policy.


the scope
Privacy policy content for your use of this website service, which involves personal data collection, use and protection.

Privacy Policy does not apply to sites related links outside the site, this site does not apply to non-commissioned officers, or participate in the management.


Collection and Use of Information
In order to provide you with the best interactive services on the Site, you may be asked to provide relevant personal information, its range is as follows:

General view, the server will record the relevant acts themselves, including your IP address to use to connect devices, use of time, using a browser, browse and click data records, as we enhance the web services of reference, this record for internal use, and never announced.

This site will not be sold to any exchange of any of your personal information to other organizations, individuals or private companies. But except for the following circumstances:

  1) with the judiciary legitimate investigation.

  2) with the appropriate regulatory authorities need to investigate or ex officio.

  3) To maintain and improve the use of web services.


Protection of information
This site has a host of safety equipment and all information necessary safety precautions related to firewalls, antivirus software, etc., adopt strict measures to protect the site and to protect your personal information.


Related Links external website
The web site provides links to other web sites, you can also link to this website is provided by, tap into other sites.

 However, this does not apply to the linked site's privacy policy website, you must refer to the link site privacy policy.


Use of Cookies
Cookies are server-side in order to distinguish different user preferences, write some brief information about the user's hard drive via a browser.

In order to provide you with the best service, the website will be placed on your computer and access our Cookie, Cookie, if you are unwilling to accept written, you can modify your browser acceptance of Cookies, but may lead to Some features of the site can not be executed properly.


Privacy policy amendments
Privacy Policy This site will be amended at any time in response to demand, the revised terms will be published on the website.


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If you have any questions about the school privacy policy, please contact the school sector control units, contact the following: