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JinWen University of Science & Technology
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Date Administrative Unit Title
2014-10-15 Secretary's Office
2014-10-02 Secretary's Office
2014-09-29 Office of Military Training Education
2014-09-02 Secretary's Office
2014-09-01 Office of Research and Development
2014-08-26 Secretary's Office
2014-08-05 Office of Academic Affairs
2014-08-01 Office of Student Affairs
2014-07-28 Office of Student Affairs
2014-07-22 Office of Academic Affairs
2014-06-18 Office of Academic Affairs
2014-06-17 Office of Student Affairs
2014-06-16 Office of Library and Information Services
2014-05-27 Office of Academic Affairs
2014-05-23 Department of Travel Management
2014-05-19 Office of Student Affairs
2014-05-09 Secretary's Office
2014-05-07 Office of Research and Development
2014-04-18 Office of Academic Affairs
2014-04-08 Office of Student Affairs