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JinWen University of Science & Technology
Welcome to JUST's freshmen, Priesident Jeou-Shyan Horng greets new students with Self-Confidence to the Future.

Welcome to JUST's freshmen, Priesident Jeou-Shyan Horng greets new students with Self-Confidence to the Future.



    In order to enable new students to adapt to the learning environment early, JUST on Sep. 4th to by Two days with 3 Fields in the 108 academic year, freshmen enter the school gate, that is, by the student union, the deans, departments, teachers of the departments and the deans and President Horng, with a warm welcome song to guide into the university gate.

    In Principal and parents meeting, Priesident Jeou-Shyan Horng said, thank you parents are willing to hand over your children to our Jingwen University, we will cherish their children to take care of, the school will be with excellent teachers, quality assurance team and good equipments, to encourage students to study across the fields, to become the most popular social enterprises to use the technical personnel; In the face of freshmen for school affairs instructions, with "welcome fresh peoples, self-confidence to the future." to encourage freshmen in the school period to have another livelihood expertise support, and therefore stressed that in the university, in addition to classroom professional learning, but also to increase international mobility, to participate in associations and cherish friendship, to hope that freshmen in graduation, can be brilliant and outstanding.

    The Student Union Society Department welcomes the new team with various community performances to encourage new students to "join the community and achieve extraordinary achievements", and the various departments to let the new students step into the school and departments At that moment began to feel the intentions of Jingwen teachers and students, to set the characteristics of the department of the directional level game, as soon as possible to understand our departments, our school, our teachers, our learning, our lives and community activities and other campus new experience.

    Praised freshmen entered the door of JUST, the school specially prepared a series of counseling activities for admission, new students enrolled in the targeted counseling contents are: principal and parents meeting, health check, scale test, class meeting ( (Mentor) ) Time, school affairs instructions, community performances and participation in the community will choose, school song and singing and orientation counseling.


Administrative Unit : Secretary's Office
Date : 2019/09/05