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[Course Information Bulletin] 2018 A study on the cultivation and employment of Taiwan tourist-collar talents

[Course Information Bulletin]

2018 A study on the cultivation and employment of Taiwan tourist-collar talents

"Objects" are interested in the Taiwan Tourist Corps personnel, Chinese-language guides, tourism administrative personnel, JUST Department of Travel Management, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Japanese section, English section, Department of Food and Beverage Management, Department of Hotel Management senior students.

"Training period"  107 years Oct. to 108 years May ( class and practice in spare time)

"fees" VTC grants full ( value NT$40,000 course)

"Curriculum Planning"

This study Cheng to professional training and employment courses, divided into 3 classes, including

1. "Specialized courses": A total of 208 hours

(1) Tourism Concept Course (104 hours): Basic concept of tourism (48) , tour guide Practice and examination Counseling (56) .

(2) Mission Practice Course (104 hours): The basic operation flow of the regiment (24) , with regiment skills (32) , Tourist attractions interpretation skills (48) .

(3) Tourism Training: 3 days 2 nights Mid-South collar training 107/10-12 ( Tentative place and date, at its own expense. ) .

(4) A half-day visit to Taipei for Japanese high school students  ( two games, with pay. )  .

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"Workplace Experience Planning"

You can choose the following internship units  107 years Jul. 1st -108 years Jun. 30th ( see their own time to cooperate with the group internship )

1. Far Chuang Travel Service Limited: the National Brigade Auxiliary Personnel - ten quotas.

2. Hong-Jubilee International Travel Service Limited: National Brigade Auxiliary Personnel or administrative assistant - ten quotas.

3. Maukley International Travel Service Co., Ltd.: National Brigade activities and reception of high school students in Japan - ten quotas.

please at 8/06 before registration, please complete the registration procedure early, lest disappointment! There are only 30 quotas in the whole school!

Contact and Mail : Department of Travel Management Teacher Chen 0919135155 Registration URL


Administrative Unit : Secretary's Office
Date : 2018/07/09