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JUST peoples-Small story – the best talent to hide in JUST. (Department of Finance)

JUST peoples-Small story – the best talent to hide in JUST. (Department of Finance)

# JUST Students are Granville.

# Department of Finance student San-Wen Wang

    Being only sophomore, he has obtained # National Ministry of Examination Book keeper of general examination certificate.

    Currently enrolled in the second-year of the JUST Department of Finance student San-Wen Wang, after graduating from high school he is quite clear that his future that he want to be engage in fiscal and financial related ambitions, in addition to the school training courses, but also actively apply for various professional examinations, currently only sophomore has been qualified for accounting, as well as the possession of futures, trusts, securities, Financial and computer certification and other related professional licenses, each year to obtain 2~4 Cards is his own expectations and he has reached the goals, in the last year also obtained "Bing-Xin Huang Insurance Scholarship", this is the national related department students are eligible to apply for the scholarship, in addition to the school results must be very excellent, but also to be supplemented by outside the competition award-winning experience, however, JUST has been awarded this award for four consecutive years, indeedly to see the school to cultivate students success.

    The same year San-Wen also participated in the "Decisive social enterprise, strive for social enterprises" to create impossible, it is absolutely possible "Social Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition", selected "Winning", "Third place", "Best Popularity Award", excellent academic performance at the same time outside the competition also won repeatedly, each step towards the future into the relevant industries, toward the financial sector is trying to inject a new blood. San-Wen is also grateful that the school teachers are very willing to provide professional and resources for students, not only in the discipline, the various competitions and students' career planning will also provide a substantial guidance.

    At present, San-Wen working in the accounting firm mentions that because of his own expertise for tax declaration, taxation regulations and financial management, the home of all financial reporting tax related by himself to deal with, in addition to the firm's right-hand man, he is also the finance minister of the home.

    However, in addition to the positive efforts in his own professional field, such excellent San-Wen made more use of time and energy to participate in the volunteer service, all the rural services, overseas volunteers, and so on, there is a hope for the community to contribute to his own strength, "Take it out of society and use it in society" such a commendable beginner's mind.

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Date : 2018/06/11