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title: JUST peoples-Small story – the best talent to hide in JUST.

title: JUST peoples-Small story – the best talent to hide in JUST.

# JUST Students are Granville.

# Department of Hotel Management Alumni Cheng-Zhang Lu.

    Being 32 years old, he becomes six stars Hotel's town store treasure.

    Cheng-Zhang Lu, an outstanding alumnus of the JUST Department of Hotel Management, is now 32 years old in Taipei W Hotel Service six years, currently serving as the director of the Service center, in this year on Feb., he passed through the International Hotel industry's highest honor Golden Key auditing of organizations, "Golden Key" (French "Les Clefs d'Or"; English is called "Crossed Golden Key") as an important indicator of the quality of a hotel's service, as long as there is a secret key in the hotel, it's just like the treasure of a town store, international travellers generally use this identification as an important indicator of hotel service, and, as Cheng-Zhang mentions, the key is simply "Know-it-All", to meet and care for each customer different needs, it will be the hotel industry the most real soft power.

    Being love to touch different peoples, Cheng-Zhang of the work high challenge and many changes, when in selected university department, he has been very clear of his future direction, so the goal is clearly locked in JUST Department of Hotel Management, in the school there were a lot of reception foreign visitors experience, plus a junior in the United States six months overseas internship, In addition to hone foreign language and reception communication skills, but also see the way of foreign hotel management, to adequate combat experience and have an international perspective of experience, laid a strong foundation for the return of employment climbed, in Taipei W Hotel from the primary luggage, One step by step at a foot to the management of the Director of the Service Center, bearing in mind that after entering the management class, the school's management courses have come in handy, remembering that it is necessary to move forward in order to achieve the goal, and that it is important to grasp the internship overseas and to gain practical opportunities outside the classroom.


    Becoming a hotel in the "Know-It-All", Cheng-Zhang said, once he met the European and American visitors proposed to take the helicopter to watch Taipei 101 Building fireworks demand, to uphold the hospitality industry the highest spirit of service, from the application of navigation rights related administrative work to inquiry and so on, although the last because the price of the passengers themselves, but it is obvious that the Hotel Service Center wide range of services and really have to have considerable experience, Good coordination of communication skills and a high degree of service enthusiasm to be competent. For the fierce competition in the hotel industry, Cheng-Zhang also encouraged the young students who want to enter the hotel industry with their own experience, to uphold the "Serious Attitude", "Good Foreign Language Ability", "Grasp the Opportunity of Practice Program", is definitely the one and only way of being able to develop in this industry.


    # Join JUST # Professional in me # Employment in the grip

(photo: Taipei W Hotel Service Center Director Cheng-Zhang Lu (right) won the secret key award.)



Administrative Unit : Secretary's Office
Date : 2018/05/10