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JinWen University of Science & Technology
JUST held "2018 Kuangchuan Cup National Micro-Film Competition", the event ran away! Total bonuses will be near NT$100,000, with maximum bonuses NT$30,000!

[Breaking News from JUST] JUST held the production of Kuangchuan products micro-film competition, the activities from today to 2018 Jun. 8th, duration in 2 months.  It is now in spring blossoms, JUST and Kuangchuan Company encouraged the National college, High School (Vocational High School) students can take advantage of the Earth to awaken Jasmine Open, by creative Infinite think of the afternoon time, Welcome to join us.

    This event competition method is divided into the preliminary examination, the micro-film production workshop and the briefing final three stages, the preliminary application deadline is on May 21th. The participants were divided into junior college and senior high school . By student Group, mining Team Group (2-6 team members), the Junior college with 12 teams entered the final in the first round of the competition, and the finalists, before the finals, with 5 teams, will be qualified for the final, the final selection of the top 3 winners, the highest award bonuses NT$30,000; Senior High School students before the first round of results  with 8 teams will participate in the Micro Film Production workshop, with rich practical experienced JUST Department of Visual Communication Design teachers Zhao-Bin Liao, Guan-Chen Liu personally guided the production skills, and to qualify for the final, the final selection of the top 3 winning teams, highest award bonuses NT$12,000. In addition, the event is also a special addition to the Student award for a number of competitive prizes, the contest total bonuses up to the NT$95,000.

    For the promotion of micro-film production communication, the contest has been built "2018 Kuangchuan Cup National Micro-Film Competition" activities FB Web page, as a platform for participating teams to obtain relevant information sources. The themes of this competition are two, the contestants can choose a theme to play creative concept. The first theme is the afternoon time aluminum foil package products and afternoon time fresh home Products link, through unlimited creativity, for the afternoon time long possession of taste (aluminum foil package) Open Visibility.  Another theme Jasmine Tea Garden Aluminum Foil package products are "Adventure" as the theme, with innovation will take the risk and the combination of jasmine material, the challenge is to get good jasmine tea, and hope through students to explain the challenges and adventures of daily life, whether it is in love, work, sports, schoolwork, or even practical jokes, A variety of adventure breakthroughs, to bring their own sweet smile.

    JUST Department of Marketing and Logistics Management and Department of Visual Communication Design joint attack in cross-field, to hope that through the competition in the course of practice, to inspire young students to experience innovative knowledge and energy, as well as create innovative thinking, planning and filming the brand value of the micro-film works.

    "2018 Kuangchuan Cup National Micro-Film Competition" activities FB Web page, web address is , welcome to the National College of Interest, High School (Vocational High School) students to join the team to participate in the application, please go to the activities website:



Administrative Unit : Secretary's Office
Date : 2018/04/10